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This is the way the Virtual Violin works:


Mozart with Violin 1
Violin 1
Mozart with Violin 2
A-Dur Concert
Violin 2
Just click onto the link Violin 1 fingerprint and Violin 2 fingerprint: You will listen to the ImpulseResponse, this is just a short sound, similar to a “plock” and this sound should be similar to the sound you generate by hitting with the fingertip onto the violin back.

The trick is now to use a piece of music – previously recorded- that contains the signal that the musician puts into the violin. Such a signal is still missing the timbre of the violin and it is possible using the computer to add the timbre of a violin. This process is called convolution.

Having at disposition the two violin fingerprints it then  possible to relisten to the sound of the violins by “adding” - correctly speaking - “convolving” the Violin Timbre to the Mozart A-Dur concert. Click on the two results Mozart with violin 1 and Mozart with violin 2 to see weather you can hear the difference between the two instruments.