Launching a strategy from within a strategy:
Utilities and technology showcase
The "director" strategy for example could be a strategy that just monitors the Tradeperfomance using the NinjaTrader performance class. In the example below a first strategy is launched immediately. As soon as the profit exceeds 1000 USD then a second strategy is started. This technology is part of NTMT  
Launch and exit NinjaTrader programmatically:
Here the code  to exit NinjaTrader 7.  By default all workspaces are saved and  a backup is not done. In case of error as  a last resort the NinjaTrader.exe process is killed.
Automated launch of NinjaTrader and close after 15 minutes. I added this program as a scheduled task each moring at 7.00 to have a backfill for my futures. This technology is part of NTMT
Here I will present a few examples of advanced add-ons for NinjaTrader. The purpose is to give ideas of what can be done with NinjaTrader. These addons are not available online, but you can contact me directly so that we can implement the Trading strategy you have in mind.
Neural Network training UI:
On the left an example of a general pairs trading strategy. I seperated the logic into 2 components, the trade- decision logic and the order and positions house keeping logic. The scenarios of expired , partially filled or rejected orders are handled by the order house keeping logic. The algoritm that decides the entry and exit of the pair is in a separate code file and can be easily modified without interference with the order management. (See  also the Ninja support forum )
Pairs trading framework:
A common approach to trading pattern recognition is to use Neural Network and train the network with known situations. I have developped a Situation Editor that allows to mark trading patterns. The UI is mouse click driven and fully integrated in NinjaTrader. All data is saved into a SqlCe database and a second helper application does the training of the Neural Network. The prediction of the Neural Network is integrated in a MarketAnalyzer column.