The SpreadTrader DOM  is a tool for the active trader trading spreads included scalping. Any instrument can be part of the spread legs and you can  trade a spread as a (synthetic) single unit. The use of ATM like exit strategies is also supported and you can also  create much  complexer  exit  rules using the full potential of NinjaTrader strategies.
SpreadTrader for NinjaTrader 7
Sample spread:  5 ES 03-11  MINUS 2 NQ 03-11
- made for spread trading - quick order entry - multiple orders supported - customize exit rules
Order buttons and  unrealized PNL in familiar design.
Price of the spread and  info for each open trade
exit handling parameters, customizable
2 exit strategies supplied (can be further customized)
TrailingStopSimple:  This exit rule starts trailing  2 minutes after entry. The trail distance is equal to the initial stoplossprice. This means if the pnl is equal to the stoploss then the stop is set to break-even.
_2ProfitTargets: The name explains it all: There are 2 targets and you can define the part of the position to exit at the relative targets. E.g. You can exit 50% at ProfitTarget1 and all at ProfitTarget2.  ProfitTargets and percentages to exit can be fully customized.
Some goodies: - multi currency support ( you can define stop loss in EUR or JPY or GPB and trade spreads on the Nasdaq) - source code for the exit rules is supplied and can be modified - even more parameters can be modifed easily (see below)
first look: very simple, second look: very sophisticated
VVersion history: 23.12.2010  Initial release Multiple SpreadTrader windows possible Customizable ExitHandling functions 13.01.2011 : Maintains state between NT sessions Added support for MarketReplay Added inflight  order handling 22,08.2011 : Market replay support improved 28.04.2013:  Minor fixes
SpreadTrader (NT7)